Thursday Evenings 7:00-8:30

 GEMS Girls’ Club is a relationship building, club program created especially for girls. Girls eight to twelve years old are eligible for membership in our club. Games, crafts, singing, learning important life skills through badge work, discussing Bible stories and learning how to apply these teachings to life, as well as discovering solutions to many of the challenges that face girls today, are all a part of the club experience.



The purpose of GEMS Girls’ Clubs is to bring girls into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. To foster this all-important relationship between each girl and Christ, additional relationships are nurtured as well ­ between the girl and her counselor (leader) and the girl and other club members. All of these relationships are effectively established and strengthened through the use of caring, supportive, and fun small groups.


Thursday Evenings 7:00-8:30


 The Calvinist Cadet Corps is an independent (non-denominational) youth ministry organization whose purpose is to provide churches such as ours with a ministry program that enables us to effectively share Christ’s love with boys eight to twelve years old from our church and community.


We use the title “Calvinist” to honor the Protestant reformer, John Calvin, who devoted his life to the religious education of God’s children.

Boys and their trained and caring counselors work side by side on Bible lessons, Christian service projects, outdoor activities (camping, cycling, hiking, canoeing, and much more), and working on merit badge projects — selecting from a wide range of interests and skills.

Numerous merit badges are offered in this program. The counselor challenges, guides, encourages, listens, and counsels the boys as an expression of God’s love.


Our club is made up of several small groups of about five or six boys called cadres. Each cadre is lead by a counselor.


Youth Group

Wednesday Evenings 7:00-9:00


We are a group of people who are encouraged to seek God, to be welcoming to others, and to be unified in Christ. This group comprises of mostly highschool aged students however our junior highs have also been joining us this past year as well. Some of our graduated youth have also chosen to stick around which as been really great as they bring alot to the group! We love to both play games and to seek truth through rigorous discussion and genuine community. Our evenings run from 7-9pm on Wednesday nights and they typically begin with prayer, followed by a study and discussion. The last hour or so is put aside for some friendly competition via an organized game or two of some sort with some snacks and socializing mixed in there.

            The purpose of this group is to love God and to love others. That includes YOU! If you are looking for a group to be a part of we would love to have you join us for an evening… or forever!  J. Sometimes it can be intimidating to think about attending a new group for the first time so if you are looking for a connecting point feel free to contact our leader Katie Ryzebol via her email ( Depending on what you prefer, she could meet with you over coffee and introduce you to a few of our group members first or if you just want to ask some questions that’s fine too! Just let her know! She would be happy to help out either way. All this being said, you can be assured that this group is a fun-loving a friendly group to be a part of! Hope we get to meet you (if we haven’t already)!