Our Mission and Vision

In the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 the Lord Jesus sends us into the world to win and baptize new Christians and to teach them to live distinctive Christian lives, always keenly aware that the risen Lord is personally among us at each moment.

Our Vision

Sharing Christ’s love with each other and our neighbours

Our Mission

We Will…

– encourage each other and our neighbours to grow in spiritual fellowship with    Christ. 

– provide ministry to all ages through inspired and blended Worship Services. 

– nurture and develop youth through seamless Teaching Ministries. 

– serve others joyfully through the gifts God has given us. 

– reach into the community through Signature Ministries. 

– give generously to be good stewards for Christ’s work. 

– fellowship with each other in Small Groups. 

– provide facilities and staffing for the enablement of all ministries.


Our Core Values


– glorify the Triune God through the Holy Spirit 

– follow a Biblical Reformed Doctrine in all our ministries. 

– rely on the power of prayer. 

– have the courage to follow God’s leading. 

– recognize all members as active parts of the body of Christ. 

– love and respect “our neighbours as ourselves”. 

– are welcoming to ALL. 

– strive to involve all ages in every aspect of Church life. 

– are passionate toward joyful Sunday Services. 

– use wisely our God-given resources with accountability.


We invite you to take part in one of the ministries that are offered during the week. For more information about them please check out the “Ministries” section of our web site